Being a Meditation on the Power and Glory of Folk Music

No Depression founder Grant Alden pens piece about Poor David’s Almanack

Being a Meditation on the Power and Glory of Folk Music Click here to read…

More Poor David’s Almanack In the Press

“…a sweetly engaging, impressively wide-ranging collection of American roots music.”

“An extraordinary folk guitarist with a sympathetic ear and a bell-like tone…”

“With its sway and moments of breezy virtuosity, ‘Poor David’s Almanack’ has
the feel of music made on a mountainside back porch for no other reason than the joy of doing so.”

“On Rawlings’ third LP under his own name, the question of whether his solo efforts are somehow
lesser than those he’s made with top-billed Gillian Welch becomes moot. Most of these 10 originals
sound like time-proven folk classics…”

“…an Americana record you can howl along to in the car until your heart feels replenished, to guitar
work that stands among the finest.”

“David Rawlings’ Poor David’s Almanack picks up where Nashville Obsolete left off — with that
gorgeous, spacious, sepia-toned timelessness and motion that Rawlings and his longtime partner,
Gillian Welch, conjure so well.”

“What’s so profoundly American about these songs are the way they often deploy humorous metaphor
and simple, child-like storytelling devices to convey deeper, darker truths.”

“Old-fashioned yet timeless and inextricably entwined, albums crafted by David Rawlings and his
partner-in-rhyme Gillian Welch have become the bedrock of 21st-century Americana music.”

Poor David’s Almanack LPs are now widely available. Visit your favorite record store or click below to order the new album now.

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