The Harrow & The Harvest, to be released tomorrow in the US, is currently rated #1 on, a website that compiles press reviews and averages out their ratings. Click here to read the various reviews of the new album around the world!

The Harrow & The Harvest is now out in the UK. The album has received amazing reviews including five stars in the Observer, Independent and the Daily Telegraph as well as four stars in the Sunday Times and Guardian.

You can buy a copy of the album from Amazon UK here or download it from iTunes UK now here.

We’re excited to announce that GIllian will be taping an Austin City Limits LIVE performance and sharing the night with The Decemberists, on Tuesday, August 9th at The Moody Theater venue in downtown Austin.

Any announcements regarding ticket availability and giveaways for the public will be posted on the ACL blog approximately one week before each taping. The tapings will air as part of AUSTIN CITY LIMITS’ 37th season on PBS, premiering this fall (exact airdates TBD). Taping schedule is subject to change.

Reviews are starting to come in for The Harrow & The Harvest, out on June 28th. You can preorder the album by clicking here. – “The Harrow & The Harvest […] arrives facing very lofty expectations. It succeeds in meeting them in the most relaxed and confident way possible – by simply restating Welch and Rawlings’ core musical values with everything extraneous rigorously removed.” [read more]

Uncut – “The austere passion of their voices and the virtuoso elegance of their playing have never sounded stronger, or been recorded with such unforgiving clarity.” [read more]

Acony Records is excited to announce that Gillian Welch has confirmed the first leg of a North American tour. Welch and David Rawlings will play 31 cities in July and August, beginning July 6 in Santa Cruz, CA and ending August 28 in Charleston, SC. In addition, they will play the High Sierra Music Festival on June 30 as well as the Vancouver Folk Festival and the Newport Folk Festival. More dates will be added in the fall, including the already announced Austin City Limits Festival in September.

The tour is in support of Welch’s new record, The Harrow & The Harvest, which is due to be released on June 28. The Harrow & The Harvest, “is a new Southern sound,” writes Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, “with the sort of songs you wouldn’t be surprised to hear issuing from some verdant, wooded hollow in Appalachia; Songs you’d expect to hear hollered from an Asheville grange hall, all too late in the evening. Songs with the wry humor of the back porch. Listen to this record with the lights low. Listen to it on an old radio, cradled next to your ear.”

You can find all the tour dates on the tour page. The second half of the tour will be announced in a few weeks. Check back often or sign up here for updates.